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...to the Astronomical Society of Kansas City!

We are one of the largest and most active groups of fun-loving amateur stargazers in the country! The ASKC has over 350 members, one of the largest club telescopes in the Mid-West, a private and safe dark sky observing site, and monthly astronomy programs and stargazing events.

We invite anyone who loves the stars to join us!

June 2016 General Meeting
  • Are you a¬† novice? Do you have questions about astronomy? Are you trying to decide what type of telescope you should invest in? Do you wonder why it seems that there were a lot more stars in the sky when you were younger? Or are you still angry about the Pluto demotion thing? If so, you will find members of ASKC who are willing to help or to direct you to someone who can.
  • Are you an experienced amateur astronomer? Do you enjoy talking about grazes, eye pieces, reflector versus refractor telescopes, astrophotography? Or maybe enjoy sharing stories of eclipses, auroras, meteor showers, or about the time the mosquitos outnumbered the stars. If so, you will definitely find the camaraderie and experiences of fellow ASKC astronomers.

  • Are you looking for family entertainment? If so, gather your family for an evening under the stars with a public program at Powell or Warkoczewski ¬†Observatories!

Come on, let us show you the stars!