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About the Observatory

Located on the roof of Royall Hall, UMKC Volker Campus for 40 years, the Warkoczewski ("Warko") Observatory is owned by the University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC) and operated by the Astronomical Society of Kansas City (ASKC).

Observing instruments include:
Custom-built 16” Warkoczewski Telescope
Meade 10” and 14” LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized telescopes
For solar viewing:
Coronado PST Solar Telescope
80mm refracting telescope with Daystar “Quark” Hydrogen Alpha filter

Public Nights

The observatory is normally open to the public CLEAR Friday nights, May through October, and for special astronomical events.

Public programs are given throughout the season and may include an educational astronomy presentation and viewing through the telescopes (if skies are clear). Staff astronomers—volunteers from the ASKC—will treat visitors to some of the best views of Solar System objects in the area, including the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Some Deep Space objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula and Hercules Globular Cluster are generally observed, but views depend on sky conditions.

Solar viewing may be available before sunset.

Please check our Facebook Page for more information.

Opening Times

May 13 to May 24 8:00 pm
June 3 to Aug. 5 8:30 pm
Aug. 12 to Oct. 28 7:30 pm

During high heat index days or very high temperatures, the observatory will not open until after sundown.


Roof space is limited. Please, no chairs, coolers, personal telescopes or other large items.


Thanks to UMKC, there is no charge to visit the Warko. Because ASKC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we hope you will consider making a donation at Warko or our web site to help offset costs associated with our mission of education and outreach. Thank you for your support!

Questions & Private Events

Contact Joe Wright, Warko Operations Manager:
Email or call 913.208.0924 (call between 9 am and 5 pm only, please)

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The observatory is located on the roof of Royall Hall on the UMKC Volker Campus, 800 East 52nd St, Kansas City, Mo. Access Royall Hall by pedestrian walkway from the parking garage (level 4) on 52nd St. between Rockhill Rd. and Charlotte St. The stairwell to the roof is on the immediate left when entering the building from the walkway.

royall hall map

Forecasted Sky Conditions